Jumping into digital: Lessons learned while moving live-coding workshops online

I presented a talk about “Jumping into digital: Lessons learned while moving live-coding workshops online” at the ARDC community webinar series in April 2020.

The abstract of my talk was:

At ResBaz 2019, I said (on camera) that it is impossible to run a hands-on, live-coding digital skills training workshop online. In March 2020, I led a team of trainers to do exactly this - move our 2-day, Carpentries-style, hands-on Machine Learning in R and Machine Learning in python workshops fully online - in a week! In this talk, I’ll share how we prepared, what we did, how it went, and what lessons we learned. I’ll discuss which platforms we considered, share some technical tidbits on how to set up your online session and, more critically, what to expect when teaching in this very different format. I’ll also highlight some of the challenges we encountered, and try to explain why - even though it was incredibly hard - I think we’ll try teaching online again.

My slides can be found below:

And, finally, the video is embedded below:

Please enjoy, and I’d love comments and discussion below!