I am a genomics data scientist at the Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program at the Centenary Institute in Sydney, where I investigate how the mammalian genome works using next-generation sequencing. I use a combination of preexisting bioinformatics software and custom R, python, and shell scripts to process terabytes of data on a daily basis, taking advantage of the University of Sydney's HPC facilites.

I recently undertook a Bioinformatics PhD at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland, under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Taft, Associate Professor Ernst Wolvetang, Dr. Cas Simons, Dr. Guy Barry and Professor John Mattick. My work focused on using high-throughput sequencing to understand changes in the transcriptome that occur during neuronal functioning in normal cells and in disease; and on induced pluripotent stem cells as models of the human nervous system. For many years, I have been passionate about teaching, especially programming and bioinformatics to biologists, and was able to do a signifcant amount of this during my PhD studies. I also hold a Specialist Degree in Biochemistry with a Major in Molecular Biology from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

I blog on my adventures in data analysis and maintain a personal wiki to collect relevant code, techniques and recommendations from the web and genomics software mailing lists. You can also find me on twitter.